In light of rising concerns surrounding Coronavirus COVID-19, we want to assure you that SatnavRepairs is committed to maintaining business operations as usual.

We'd also like to assure all our customers that your devices are thoroughly disinfected before being sent back to you in order avoid any possibility of spreading the virus.

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Service Inlocuire Baterie

Informatii despre inlocuirea bateriilor

NU folositi obiecte ascutite pentru a inlocui bateriile.
Nu inlocuiti si nu indepartati bateriile fara un ghid de utilizare. Folositi un serviciu profesional pentru a inlocui bateria si a o recicla.

Alt defecte

Doar Inspectie
Inlocuire Sticla
Fara Semnal GPS
Flashing X problem

Bateria nu tine incarcata
Fara Lumina Fundal
Panel Tactil

Inapoi la Reparatii gps

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Str.Zaharia Stancu, nr.9, cod postal 500167, Brasov, Romania +40771218426